Civil Protection receives laptops for Disaster Risk Management

By Pamela Jetie

Two developmenetal agencies – CARE International Zimbabwe and Caritas Zimbabwe – on Friday  donated five laptops to the Department of Civil Protection as the nation strengthens its disaster risk management model.

The donation was received by the Deputy Minister of Local Government and Public Works Honourable  Marian Chombo on behalf of the Department of Civil Protection in Harare.

Hon Chombo expressed gratitude to the European Union, CARE International Zimbabwe, CARITAS Zimbabwe and other development partners for facilitating the project strengthening disaster preparedness structures and systems in Zimbabwe, which culminated into the donation.

She said: “Through the Department of Civil Protection, partners such as CARE International have assisted tremendously in providing support to our vulnerable communities in disaster prone districts particularly in Manicaland. A case in point is the assistance rendered in Manicaland during and after the devastating Cyclone Idai disaster in 2019.”

She further commended CARE international Zimbabwe for the unwavering support in times of distress. “Comrades and Friends, it would be remiss on my part not to acknowledge the collaborative efforts exhibited by Care International during our time of distress,” she said.

Hon Chombo highlighted that through solidarity and partnerships the common risks and hazards that threaten Zimbabwe can be better handled. Hazards such as droughts, cyclones, hailstorms are evidence of Climate Change and Zimbabwe is not spared as it continues to experience the same.

“The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report highlighted that most global climate hotspots are in the developing world, meaning countries like ours are 15 times more likely to be affected by increased climate impact. Hence the dire need for collaboration in enhancing preparedness to disasters,” she said.

Cde Chombo also indicated that Government is committed to enhance the preparedness and mitigation of various disasters and these efforts were complemented by various partners.

“I would like to commend efforts by the European Union Humanitarian Aid, CARE International in Zimbabwe and CARITAS Zimbabwe in complementing Government efforts by providing reliable communication systems which are critical in dispatching early warning information and massive evacuation guidelines on rapid onset disasters.” 

In his remarks at the occasion, CARE International country director Mr Patrick Sikana expressed gratitude over the opportunity to present their donation to the Department of Civil Protection.

CARE International is a member of the Civil Protection Systems in Zimbabwe, an appointment which Mr Sikana hailed.

“It is an appointment that we embrace with both hands and with which we hope that we can demonstrate our mandate which we have been given by our host government,” Mr Sikana said.

Caritas Zimbabwe national coordinator Mr Marius Zibgwi said the computers will assist in information transfer and disaster management which will help in alleviating the situation on the ground.” Zibgwi also hailed the cooperation his organization has been receiving from the Ministry through the Department of Civil Protection.