Joy as President Installs Chief Maduna

DEKEZI High School in Filabusi, Insiza District Matabeleland South on Saturday engraved itself into the books of history after playing venue to the installation of Mr Dambisamahubo Mafu as Chief Maduna by Present Mnangagwa.

The event was rare as President Mnangagwa, although he is the appointing authority of Chiefs in the country, rarely attends such ceremonies.

The President normally delegates the installation of Chiefs to the Minister of Local Government and Public Works or other senior Government officials.

Speaking during the event attended by thousands of locals, President Mnangagwa said he had to attend the ceremony as the Maduna and his families have a long history.

“The late Chief Maduna (Vezi) was a personal friend of mine but our ties were historical in that my great grandfather who was known in these areas as Bengo worked with Chief Maduna’s great grandfather hence to the newly installed Chief Maduna, I say he should regard me as his father and I will guide him. Chief Maduna’s rich background and wealth of experience will undoubtedly see him quickly acquaint to our national Constitution, Traditional Leaders Act and the Rural District Act, as some of the source documents which impact on the duties and roles of traditional leaders,” he said.

The President said traditional leaders were key in driving development at grassroots level and preserving  identify and culture of the nation.

He it was through traditional leaders that Government is brought closer to communities.

“As we journey towards the realisation Vision 2030, my Government championing and promoting development programmes and ensures no no is no place is left behind. I trust that Chef Maduna will provide motivation and requisite guidance in the implementation of initiatives under the devolution and decentralisation programmes. The concerns of the communities must always be advanced and their priorities issues given due attention.”

Chief Maduna is replacing is father (Vezu) who passed on in February 2021.

He had been acting Chief since the death of his father and was confirmed Chief in keeping with the succession cultures and tradition of the people.