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The following processes should be achieved before construction commences:
1. Land identification – Area wide planning
2. Land Acquisition
3. Topographic Surveys and base mapping
4. Layout plan preparation
5. Preparation of engineering drawings, Roads, Water and Sewer
6. Survey Diagram Approval
7. Cadastral Surveys
8. Layout Plan approval and appraisal
9. Engineering Drawings Approval
10. Phasing, Laying of Infrastructure and Certificate Handover
11. Construction of Superstructure Buildings


Devolution entails the transfer of powers and responsibilities from Central Government to Provincial and Metropolitan Councils and local authorities. The Transitional Stabilisation Programme explains devolution in the context of reconstruction of the State where systems of governance are community based and people centred. Furthermore, the blueprint links devolution to Vision 2030 in which the vision is anchored on decentralisation of functions to communities in furtherance of their development, and in the management of their own affairs, through transfer of some Government Authority and responsibilities to Provincial and Metropolitan Councils.In essence, decision making and authority in the provision of most basic services will be delegated to Provincial and Local Authority levels..